Healing Oils of Cape Cod was established under the Cape Cod Body & Soul umbrella to expand into the magical healing world of essential oils.  Linda Preston endorses and supports the product line from Young Living Essential Oils.  Cape Cod Body & Soul has a philosophy to share the basic truths about Health and Wellness products and services clearly and based on fact.  Her approach to the use of essential oils is defined clearly.    Healing Oils of Cape Cod has an intent to educate those who join us on the proper use of diffusing, ingesting and topically using essential oils. 


"We are living in a day of conflicting information everywhere we turn.  I see the stress levels with clients, loved ones, and even myself from this constant messaging all the time. One aspect of this touches my world directly and that is in the realm of essential oils.  Essential oil products are sold in retail outlets, chain store and discounted on the internet. This has allowed inferior products that are mass produced and do not follow under the optimal guidelines in which they should be created.  The difference between organic and non organic oils in itself is crucial to the product let alone the quality of the initial source of the fields of harvest. One of the most important points of interest is the use of pesticides and that being said, the source of your essential oil product is paramount. 

With 23 years of hands-on experience and education with Young Living, I recognize the importance of having proper guidance to understand differences in grades of oils as well as how to use them. It is my passion to share this information so that unsafe methods can be avoided, and the power that the proper essential oils hold can be harnessed effectively for all who seek it. Young Living, in my estimation, provides a product line that is pure and guaranteed, literally Seed to Seal, which is their trademark. The science of essential oils is very complex.  The preparation of them from plants requires a sophisticated approach with impeccable intention and expertise. To discover a company and founder whose integrity and knowledge I can trust is truly a blessing.  Without that trust, I would not be using essential oils or benefiting from them

and the oil enhanced wellness products Young Living provides.

It will be my honor to introduce you to the world of Essential Oils."

Linda Preston

Serving Dennis, Yarmouth, Cape Cod and Beyond